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8/5/2010 First-Ever Badlands Full Concert

6/7/2010 Nathan's July 4 Fan Guide

4/7/2010 Best Chefs of New Orleans Gear Up For Rouses

4/6/2010 Ringling Bros. Returns to Coney Island

3/31/2010 Gravy Goads US Male

3/12/2010 Butch Moran Photo Face of New MLE Site

3/4/2010 MLE's competitive eating site to feature Eats of Strength Section

3/4/2010 Bertoletti's Last Stand at The Alamo

6/18/2009 Going to Coney on July 4?

5/31/2009 Kobayashi Wins P'Zone Title Match

5/31/2009 Bertoletti Beats Field in Calamari

7/16/2007 Competitive Eater Tosses Game Ball

6/28/2007 Nathan's Famous July 4 Fan Guide

5/9/2007 Cookie's Reign

4/18/2007 Stands Out as Web Leader

3/1/2007 2007 Nathan

1/3/2007 Pretzel Twister

1/3/2007 Pretzel Twister

12/12/2006 Seating Chart Set For December 20th

11/29/2006 Sonya and Ryan Tour the Continent

11/13/2006 WOW Cafe & Wingery

10/4/2006 Cuy Eating Contest??

10/3/2006 Competitive Eating A Year Ago

9/27/2006 Chatty-Bound Eaters To Visit Hunter Museum of American Art

8/21/2006 Labor Day Triple For Eaters

7/5/2006 Sonya Thomas in Action: Check Out the Video

6/27/2006 Coney Island on July 4 Weekend

6/27/2006 Nathan's Donates to City Harvest

6/26/2006 Cookie Jarvis' Jacket To Be Retired at Nathan's Famous

6/26/2006 Intimidation on Competitive Eating Circuit?

6/22/2006 Competitive Eating "Gang" Reportedly in Formation

6/17/2006 Harley Event Kicks Off With Tire Burn

6/13/2006 Clogtastica to perfrom at Nathan's July 4 Contest

5/31/2006 Buffalo Wing Festival Lodging and Travel Directions

5/30/2006 Fan Guide for July Fourth Nathan's Contest

5/30/2006 Make the Nathan's QVC Contest a Long Weekend!

5/30/2006 National Buffalo Wing Festival Schedule

5/26/2006 Three Grilled Cheese Event Day

5/26/2006 Johnsonville Brats Contest

5/26/2006 Shoo-Fly Pie in PA

4/19/2006 10,000 Fans Expected at Nathan's Famous on July 4