Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Harley Event Kicks Off With Tire Burn

The Johnsonville brat-eating contest at Milwaukee Harley Davidson kicked off with a tire burn, a stunt in which a motorcycle driver guns the gas while holding onto the front break. The back tire spins wildly, skidding just above the pavement, smoking until it eventually blows.

Following this ceremony, four members of the Harley's Angels, a group of amazingly beutiful women, faced off in an undercard brat-eating contest. The event was only five minutes and the winning angel consumed 6 1/2 Johnsonville brats.

Another undercard event was held for male amateur eaters, most of whom finished around the 10-brat mark. The winner, Mike Hacke, consumed 10 1/8. The event also featured raffles for a Harley and a father's day sale at the dealership.

ESPN was reportedly at the event, filming the eaters and doing interviews with the IFOCE competitive eaters.