Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Intimidation on Competitive Eating Circuit?

Sources report that intimidation is now being used at some competitive eating events. While most eaters are fast friends, some have adopted an aggressive approach to eating contests -- win at all costs.

Most recently, at an Atlanta Nathan's qualifier, the formerly gentle Patrick Bertoletti hung Dale Boone in effigy with a cabbage patch doll, then taunted the once-cherubic eater during the event before beating him by a full 16 hot dogs and buns.

"Dale was broken hearted," said Richard Shea. "He was known as the best eater in Atlanta and the meanest eater in America -- he is now neither."

The histrionics in Atlanta follow reports that a competitive eating "gang" is information. The latest work on this is that the gang, originally called "House of Pain," will now be called "Axis of Eaters."

On the other end of the spectrum, "Pope" John Paul entered the eating contest arena in full pope regalia, complete with the hat and mitre (but excluding a cane).