Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Chatty-Bound Eaters To Visit Hunter Museum of American Art

Competitive eaters are known for their abiding love of fine art and The Dance –two of the most evocative media for the exploration of the human condition. Not surprisingly, there has been considerable talk among eaters and fans about the October trip to Chattanooga, home of the Hunter Museum of Fine Art.

Overlooking the Tennessee River that runs majestically through a dramatic vista of trees and mountains, the Hunter Museum of American Art offers a decent collection of American art in a facility recognized for spectacular design and architecture.

The Hunter seeks to present art as a way for viewers to better understand American history, offering a variety of styles in American art.

One highlight is Thomas Hart Benton’s Wreck of the Ole '97 (1943, egg tempera on gessoed masonite). A well-respected regionalist, Thomas Hart Benton created an intentionally glorified view life in the Midwest that was consistent with the efforts of other American artists in the Regionalist School to present scenes that would encourage depression-era Americans, essentially willing into existence a more optimistic national mood.