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Cookie's Reign

(c) IFOCE 02/25/05

Crazy for Cookie

On a wintry Sunday afternoon in 1997, Elyse Smolin attended a Super Bowl Party thrown by the Tall Club of Suffolk County New York. Also in attendance was a young, six foot six Edward Cookie Jarvis.

At halftime, having already laid waste to the bounty of big game treats on the Tall Club’s buffet table, Cookie decided to work a little rap on the ladies in the room. “Problem was,” said Cookie in a recent phone call, “Elyse was the only pretty one there so I kinda had to wait my turn.”

With 3:27 left in the third quarter, Curtis Martin ran for a touchdown and Cookie cut toward Elyse.

“I wasn’t sure at first,” recalls Elyse. “He was a bit older, and seemed a little too determined, but I gave him my phone number anyway.”

One year later the two unsuspecting Super Bowl viewers were wed. They settled in a nice home to start their life together and build a little family. Weekends meant time alone as a couple: morning coffee and pastry, home improvements, video rentals, dinners out.

One day Elyse’s father called to tell Cookie about a Matzo Ball eating competition he’d read about in the local paper. Cookie entered without hesitation. With support from family and friends, and a healthy serving of natural ability, Cookie made it to the finals.

After matzo balls, came pomme frites. After pomme frites, came ice cream. After ice cream, hot dogs. And so on. That first year was an exciting time for Elyse, she created signs and banners and cheered Cookie to title after title. She stood proudly by as her husband accepted the 2001 IFOCE Rookie of the Year Award. She became an eater’s wife.

But the life of an eater’s wife can be tough at times. Elyse used to travel with Cookie to certain events, now with two young kids at home it is hard to get away. So while Cookie is off on IFOCE journeys, enjoying airline peanuts and hotel mints, Elyse is nurturing her beautiful young children.

“Cookie is a realtor, I’m a realist,” said Elyse. “The past year or so, with the rise of Sonya Thomas, has been trying. We both like Sonya, and in the beginning it was kind of cool to see a fellow woman beat all the men, but my heart is with Eddie.”

Despite the increased competition, Elyse reports that Cookie still rolls out of bed each morning with a fire in his belly. “He is not winning as much right now, but he still walks tall and confident like he did at that first Super Bowl party. I know I will see more victories embroidered into that coat of his.”

Seems Cookie’s biggest victory of all can’t be embroidered into a coat. She’s sitting right there at home.

Among Cookie's favorite foods are chicken wings, a disicpline in which he has set records.